Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King

Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be the man that started it all. He’s considered the father of horror and the father of the detective story. Poe has influenced many writers today. For me most recently I’ve noticed that Stephen King has taken a few pages out of Poe’s handbook. I believe there was a scene in IT that I read that eerily reminded me of Poe. More specifically something reminded me of “The Pit and the Pendulum.” There have been many other scenes like that of Stephen King’s that reflected Poe’s own style of writing. Is it any wonder that Stephen King is considered the modern day father of horror? It’s just like Poe passed the torch because there was no one else like Poe in his time. He was amazingly disturbed and his writing was dark and horrifying and Poe’s writing reflected your deepest fears. Heck, his writing reflected his deepest fears. I believe Stephen King is on that same level. He has distinguished himself from today’s writers. He’s gained this well-deserved reputation as an amazing horror writer. Horror is what he’s known for and much like Poe his writing reflects your deepest fears. Take IT for example, which is a story about an evil entity that loves transforming into a clown. When King wrote that he knew a lot people were terrified of clowns. Him and Poe were just ahead of their times. They knew how to push boundaries and get a reaction out of their audience and they succeeded. I’m a fan of both!

3 responses to “Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King”

  1. I believe there’s more than a few instances in which Poe’s shadow can be seen lurking in King’s scenes whether it’s his style of diction or symbols thrown around. I believe the ‘catacombs’ of cask of amontillado are seen by king as the endless dark sewer that It has chosen as it’s lair…Poe is the granddaddy of horror & king is the father.


    1. You’re right! Not until after I finished reading Salem’s Lot a few days I really thought about it and told myself “King had to have been influenced by Poe.” I wasn’t sure if there was anything that King had ever said where he explicitly said he was influenced by Poe, but it’s all in the writing.


      1. Exactly, but honestly anyone excelling in the genera would’ve been influenced by him because he is the MASTER of horror, there’s no way around it! Anyone successful in the genera would have to steal from the best and make it their own….


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