Fiction Story Part 1

So I had started working on a story, but I honestly haven’t given much thought to it in awhile. I don’t even know if this is going to be a short story or turn into something longer. I think I’m trying to work out some things with the plot and I don’t know which way to go yet. Basically the story is about this young woman who can read minds and she thinks that she’s the only one of her kind until one day she meets a Desai, a guy who shares her same abilities. They’re obviously connected in some way and they can’t stop until they find out why they’re so much alike. Periodically, I’ll post bits and pieces of my story and I welcome feedback. Here’s the first part:

I’ve always been a strange child, not knowing who I was or where I came from or why certain things happened to me. Growing up I was always different. The change happened on my 7th birthday. That first voice changed everything for me. It scared me, freaked me out more than anything I had ever experienced in all my seven years of life but funnily enough it was my father’s voice, but it wasn’t him saying the words…at least I didn’t think so. At that very moment when I thought I was losing my mind I concentrated on my father’s mouth, his words, and even his facial expressions. However, the words I heard in my head were not in sync with the rest of the world. They were different, earth shattering.

I want a divorce.

I saw my dad. He was smiling, laughing. He had his arm around my mom singing “Happy Birthday” to me as I was waiting to blow out my candles. It—it just didn’t make any sense. Maybe I was imagining things, but as I looked closer at my dad there was something else there buried behind his eyes that I never noticed. I wouldn’t realize until later what that emotion was. Regret.

Regret for what I didn’t know. Maybe he felt regret for even considering a divorce, maybe it was regret for building a life with another woman that me and my mom later found out about. At the moment that I recognized the regret I studied my mom. The way she moved, her face, and what I saw was the exact opposite. I saw genuine happiness there. Only the happiness that I could now understand as a 30-year-old. At that moment, at that party, I heard my mom’s voice.

I’m so happy to be here with my family.

The realization hit me. My mom didn’t know. She had no idea that her world was about to turn upside down, but I was only seven years old at the time. How could I stop the heartache that was evidently coming?


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