World building across the fantasy genre

Hey guys! So with the new Stephen King book Fairy Tale that was released on September 6, 2022 it got me to thinking about the concept of world building in the fantasy genre. I’m only about halfway through Fairy Tale, but I can tell you that this novel is different than any other novel that King has written–and can I mention that I love the fact that this is truly a full-length novel clocking in at about 600 pages. Now it’s not a monster compared to IT or The Stand but it’s a hefty size. Anyway, Fairy Tale centers around the main character Charlie Reade who becomes close friends with an older gentleman, Mr. Bowditch and his dog Radar. Charlie ends up taking care of Mr. Bowditch after he has a nasty fall off of a ladder, but Mr. Bowditch is definitely keeping some secrets and all of his secrets lead Charlie to the mysterious shed behind Mr. Bowditch’s house. There’s a whole other world under the shed in which Charlie frequently compares the world to a semblance of Wizard of Oz. The idea of there being another world or reality within this book that King approaches had me thinking about other book series that focus on world building. I can think of some classics off the top of my head like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of The Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. All great fantasy novels. Over the years of being an avid reader you come to learn things about yourself as a reader. Like for me, I learned what genres I gravitate towards the most. I’m generally a fiction girl and I love fantasy. Fantasy just gives you a change to disconnect from the real world and immerse yourself in a whole other world full of magic and wonder. It may be a world full of witches and warlocks or monsters and giants meant to frighten you. World building takes you on a journey and out of all of the series books I mentioned earlier I am definitely more familiar with Harry Potter. I don’t even know if anything can compare to what J.K. Rowling was able to accomplish with what she did with the series. Even after eight books that have long since ended there have been spin off series and the wizarding world website, Pottermore, where you can get sorted into your own house and choose a wand and where J.K. Rowling elaborates or offers up more information about her series than what we originally read in her book. She built this whole world where Potterheads like myself know what house elves are and why you should be nice to them (“Dobby is a free elf!” *boo hoo crying* iykyk). We also know what dementors and Death Eaters and wonder what our Patronus would be if we were a part of that world. World building in books creates such a feeling of childlike wonder and fantasy and it’s just pure fun. It will always be one of my favorite things that a writer does.

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