Mulan: A New Vision

Yes, we all love the cartoon version with Mushu and the cricket. I mean who doesn’t love Mushu? But there is something to be said for a refreshing new take on a Disney classic. Of course, we all know that Disney has been on a remake frenzy lately, turning all of their classic cartoon movies into live action remakes. Mulan (2020) just released today for free on Disney+ and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know many people complained because all of the loveable elements from the original movie were going to be taken out like the songs and our favorite bearded dragon, but I found a lot of new elements and themes in this movie that I really thought were done fantastically. So there’s a new female character in the movie who is a witch, and I feel there’s this whole new level of female empowerment coupled with Mulan’s journey of being who true to herself. There’s a connection between Mulan and the witch. They’re both outsiders because they’re both women who are gifted beyond normal. In the movie they describe it has having powerful qi. The witch honestly becomes one of my favorite characters in the movie. In the original movie Mushu was supposed to be Mulan’s protector, but I’m assuming they replaced Mushu’s character with a phoenix. As described in the beginning of the movie the phoenix was her family’s protector. For those that don’t know a phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to die and they are reborn from their own ashes, which is befitting of Mulan’s character and particularly one scene in this movie. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I will say that this movie was definitely worth seeing in my opinion. There’s new elements to enjoy, and it still embodies some of the same humor from the original.

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